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Where Are We (you may well ask)?

Every day we struggle with crudely designed tools known as "software applications" As a tidal wave of information crashes against the shoreline of our subconscious minds, a practical persona within our conscious awareness cries out for common sense understanding. How can we better prepare ourselves to filter and process the essential tidbits from amongst the unwashed mass of useless information? Design an Architecture which supports user-friendly interaction and frictionless acquisition in harmony with goal directed workflow.

Why Are We Here?

Because your customers are lost in a sea of unstructured data. Let our Information Architects create organized front-end structures and sensible navigation pathways that empower your Users to achieve their goals in a self-directed manner. Let us build your web-enabled application with a proven User Interface Architecture Methodology (pdf format)

Can We Get there from Here?

Let your users know where they are, where they came from, and how to get back. Open your minds, and together we can create accessible content categories and comprehensible menu choices. Users are Human kind; Computers and software are not. The term CHI for computer human interaction is politically incorrect because it places the computer before the human in the equation [HCI is a discipline; CHI is not; unless we're talking about spiritual energy, but then I digress...]. In order to meet your Users' needs, you must provide Users with freedom of workflow allowing them to rise above the daily frustration of information abuse. If you truly "understand" your Users' needs and provide them this freedom, then you'll never have to ask them the the question "Are you really sure that you want to delete that file?" again. Free human kind from information anxiety by providing them with an improved workflow, and they will become loyal cusomers who evangelize your hassel-free transaction process! How can you free your Users if you can't free your mind?

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